(The story is not) set in stone news

A Quiet Word’ and ‘Some Stories’ have joined forces again to explore the place of stories within our lives. In 2011 they created ‘The Book In My Head Is Now On the Page’ for The Leeds Library. This was a site specific performance piece for Light Night. The audience was welcomed to the library as the authors of nine different stories, written in nine different genres. Now, Alison Andrews and Matthew Bellwood are taking some of these stories with them to the Carriageworks, along with some other characters from myths, novels and films. They will be asking whether our life story is really set in stone, or whether we can make decisive changes.

Rather like Oedipus at the cross roads, they are wondering which way to go; how to avoid bringing destruction down upon themselves by making the wrong choice and taking the wrong road.

This is a show about stories and why we tell them. Do the tales we tell help us make sense of our lives, or do they stop us from moving forward?

Shows: Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th of March, 19:45pm
Tickets: £9 (£7 concessions)
Call: 0113 224 3801
Online: www.carriageworkstheatre.org.uk

The Story is Not Set in Stone