Adding a picture gallery

When working with images, it’s best to make sure you’ve uploaded everything first and have put in the image details such as titles and credits already. The following assumes you have already got your images in the site…

Inserting a gallery

Galleries are usually used in a post for a show/event – for example, production photos from a show that are to be archived.

Find the show post you want to add a gallery to (or make a new one). In the Visual or Text editor window, put the cursor into a line below the rest of the content (galleries work best after the texty bits of content towards the bottom of post, and they take up the whole width).

  • Click Add Media button above the editing window.
  • Choose Create Gallery on the left hand side of the white box of the media library that has popped up.
  • Select the images from the library that you’d like to be included in your gallery. As you click each one, a tick will appear to show it’s been chosen, and the information for that photo will appear on the right. If you want to change any of this info, you can do it now.
  • Click the blue Create a new gallery button at the bottom right.

At this point you will see your final selection of images, and their captions – and you have the chance to change these or fill them in if you want them. Note: changing captions in gallery items will change the caption associated with that image, unlike if you insert a single image into a page and change it afterwards.

Next you need to make sure these gallery options are chosen:

  • Link to ‘Media File’
  • Columns – ‘3’
  • You can click random if you want the order changed everytime someone visits
  • Size – leave it on ‘Thumbnails’
  • Type – choose ‘square tiles’

Usually WordPress will remember what you used last time so these settings should be there when you do the next one.

Then click the blue Insert Gallery button and you should have a gallery. See example below.

Note: the visual editor will not display the gallery properly, you will need to view your post to see it properly and to click into the full screen view.