Adding a News post

News items might be updates, event promotions or journal entries, and they all appear in chronological order on the news page. They appear as a headline-only list down the side of the projects page as well. When News is in a list, you can click on the headline to read the item on a separate page.

Helpful suggestion: write your text, or an initial draft, first and get that in before you start styling it and adding media.

Adding a News post

News items get added to the rolling list on the News page automatically (most recent at the top). Either go to Post in the Admin area left menu, and click on Add New, or if you’re at the front of the site, hover over + New button in the grey Admin bar and select Post.

Give your post a title, in the top box, and then type in your content! Read how to edit and styling options for how to make your content look good. You might also want to insert an image or video – see adding images.

Categorise it

Once you have created your content, you must go to the Categories box to the right hand side and tick ‘News’. If you don’t tick this box then your post won’t appear on the website.

Final publishing

When you are finished, click the blue Publish button in the top right hand box – and you’re done. The post is displayed with the date when you wrote it.

NOTE: You can press Save draft instead and come back to the post to finish later – it will show in the list of posts but not on the main site. You can also set the Publish date to some time in the future, at which time it will appear on the site. Anything to do with who views your post and when is in this top Publish box.