How to edit things

Always press the blue update button after you change anything in the content!

Getting started

There are two ways to get to a page you want to change from the front of the site:

  • After you have logged in, keep on the front of the site and go to the web page you want to change. There will be a button saying Edit post or Edit page on the Admin bar above, and for any extra bits on the page you can edit you will see a bright red edit link. Click it and you will go into the editing view on the Admin side.
  • Alternatively, click on A Quiet Word on the left side of the Admin bar to get into the Admin area. Choose the appropriate left menu for what you what to change (Pages or Posts) and choose the entry you want to change from the list.

The edit shortcut

Content that is not in the main column on the website but is editable will have a red Edit link next to it once you are logged in but looking from the front – click it to go straight to the editing window for this item. This works for credit info in the footer, and items in lists.

The editing window

The content of pages and posts appears in the main window, which has a light grey toolbar over the top. There are two tabs on the right edge of this – VISUAL and TEXT. If you just want to make simple changes or create basic content, make sure VISUAL is highlighted (the content in this window will look similar to what you see on the site although not identical due to various reasons relating to this site being created round your specific needs). If you want to do something more nerdy, add special features like a gallery, or fix a problem because you can’t get formatted as you’d intended, you need to choose Text (all the text looks type-writery with no other styling).

Making quick edits

Once you have found the page or post you wanted, change the text in the editing window and then press Update. Click on View post or View page in the Admin bar to switch back to the website view and see what you’ve done.

Note: This site has a basic spell check left on – spelling errors have a red dotted underline as you would find in Word.