Finding your way round

The left hand menu

Inside the admin area, the left hand menu contains the following buttons:

  • Jetpack – Ignore it! contains some codey things that we use on the site
  • Posts are News entries and the Projects archive, sometime these are collected into lists on the website – find and edit these here
  • Media is the store for images and ‘attachments’ – ie other objects that may appear in a page or need to be linked to to (eg: pdfs, Word docs).
  • Pages are the main pages listed in the website menu – edit these here
  • Comments – not used on this site, ignore it
  • Feedback – contains copies of any messages that have come through the Contact page form, in case they don’t come through your email system or you delete the email copy.
  • Snippets are posts with a specific role in the site design. The credits at the bottom of the page can be found and edited from here.
  • Site notes contains the help pages that you are reading right now. You can toggle into the Admin view of this help page to understand how the code works.

Accessing and deleting posts, pages and snippets

Click on Posts, Pages or Snippets in the left hand Admin menu and you will see a list of existing entries that you can edit, or the option to add a new one.

To get rid of anything (except media): in the Admin area, select move to bin if you are in the editing page for a specific post, or Bin when you hover over the title when viewing a list of pages or posts. These are not permanently deleted yet so you can get it back: click on bin at the top of the list view. From there you can either restore the entry or remove it permanently. Nothing in Bin will be shown on the website. The only option for Media items is to delete permanently.

Your pages

  • Home page – which includes information about your company
  • People – biographies of Alison and Matthew and info about other people
  • Projects – There is space for your to write about the sort of projects you do here. Underneath any text you put in at the top, there is a list of all the shows entered into your archive (as posts)
  • Current and Archive – Are sub pages with the list of shows filtered into either category. Again you can add in text as the main page content to introduce the list.
  • News – A full list of all your news items. If you want to change how much of each post is shown (ie could be a shorter excerpt) let me know.
  • Contact – Your contact address and a contact form. The form is sending messages to your info@ address, but you can also see copies of any messages under ‘Feedback’.

Looking for something specific?