A look at the map of Leeds

During the City Walk project in Summer 2012 as part of Ludus Festival, we made a new map of Leeds to help guide participants through the city. This map was made to suggest a way of thinking about the history of Leeds and about its future.  We walked from Leeds University into the city centre and the walk took us past monuments and well known points of interest.  

As a new project for 2012, and in collaboration with Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network, we are taking a look at the city from the point of view of people resident here, but who have no right to remain. What are the monuments and points of interests for someone who is seeking asyl

Over the next few months, we will be meeting people who are guests in Leeds and asking them to guide us through the city as they go about their daily life.   We would like to make another map of Leeds as part of the process of walking through the city in this context.

One Planet Leeds works in partnership to support refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds. Press Gang works with exiled journalists and activists to  encourage positive representation of asylum and refugee issues in the media. Find out more at www.pressgangleeds.blogspot.com