Way Through the Wood

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‘Midway through the journey of my life, I found myself in a dark wood, and the way was not clear. ‘

Dante:  The Divine Comedy. Canto 1

In frozen Winter, we began walking and talking in Meanwood Park with people from the local community along well worn paths and hidden tracks. Together, we produced a book ‘Ways Through the Wood’ a kind of ‘choose your own adventure story’ that collects pieces of creative writing, historical stories and suggestions for ways to explore the area. 

Gate Alone Credit: Lizzie Coombes 2016

Gate Alone Credit: Lizzie Coombes 2016

As Spring has moved into Summer, a particularly potent story emerges; one of family grief for a son lost in a war; of an ornamental garden that would have been his inheritance, then gifted to the city of Leeds in his memory.  The family’s loss is the city’s gain.  Lost and Found

Now we are preparing to invite people on a walk that is rooted in the history of the area, in respect for the past and hope for the future.

Between 28th June and 2nd July we invite you to walk with us, way through a dark wood…

And we hope, to find the way clear. 

Performances will run at 5pm & 8pm each day.

The journey will take you over uneven ground and different terrains, please wear appropriate footwear and dress for the weather.

The performance is Pay What You Decide.

We ask for a small deposit to ensure your ticket, this will be returned to you on attendance.

If you have any particular access needs please get in contact at info@aquietword.co.uk

Book tickets here


1. I use a wheelchair, am I still able to attend? – The route takes participants over rough, uneven and muddy ground.  There are also narrow paths and steep gradients.  With regret we don’t feel the piece is wheelchair accessible. It is also not suitable for people who use a walking frame.

2. I have children under 12, would they enjoy the piece? – The route takes around 90 minutes to walk and goes over uneven terrain. If younger children need to be carried, that should be born in mind. The route is not suitable for buggies. The content is appropriate for under 12s. 

3. I have a dog, can they come along? – This is a public park so there will be dogs in the area, however as a participant on the walk, which is a group experience, we strongly recommend leaving ‘Fido’ at home.   

4. What if the weather is bad? – We recommend you come dressed for a walk in the park in the British ‘summer’! We particularly recommend wellington boots or stout, waterproof walking shoes.  There is mud underfoot. We are prepared come rain or shine so the show will go on. 

5. What if I want to leave halfway through? – No problem, it will have been nice to see you.

6. Are there toilet facilities on the walk? – There is a toilet at the beginning of the walk – this is not wheelchair accessible, and at end of the walk, which is. Please ask an usher for directions. 

Bottom Parkside Road 
Credit: Lizzie Coombes 2016

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