We’re launching the Seacroft Tapestry

We are delighted to invite you to Chapel FM to celebrate the launch of The Seacroft Tapestry.

The Tapestry is the culmination of a year of work; a process of collecting and recording stories and experiences of life in the Seacroft area. The stories come from many different perspectives and have been recorded in film and textiles. Lots of people have been involved and this is an opportunity to share and enjoy the work they have created.

On Friday 29th November, 3.30pm-5pm, there will be a warm welcome, including tea and cake at the Old Seacroft Chapel on York Road, for everyone involved in the project and locals of Seacroft.

The winter months are dark and cold, but we hope to offer some light and warmth. If you can’t make the 29th, there will be many other opportunities to come along, and to leave and weave your own story into the Tapestry.

The Tapestry will be open to the public into the Spring of 2020. Dates and times will be confirmed soon.