Farsley Project, 2015

Beginning in Farsley this summer and, over the course of a year, we’ll be exploring and documenting the town in a range of ways.

We’ll be interviewing local residents, documenting the shops and high street with photographer Lizzie Coombes, delving around in the archives at Leeds City Library and designing a Farsley Monopoly set with children at Farsley Farfield Primary School.

All this activity led to some amazing conversations. We heard all sorts of different stories – some funny, some sad, some strange, some inspirational – a mixed bag of local folklore, historical anecdote and personal recollection. We chose thirty of the stories we were told and coupled each one with a black and white illustration, to create a Farsley colouring book, as a way of sharing back the material that we gathered.

Images by Lizzie Coombes.


Woman in a pink cardigan on a brightly covered sofa with a black dog

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