Roseville, 2014

One road, a thousand stories.
A Promenade Performance on Roseville Road

Roseville is a place in California where the sky is always blue. The story there begins with the dreams of pioneers. We have our own Roseville in Leeds, of a different kind, a road on the way to somewhere else. Our story here also begins long ago.

Take a walk with us down Roseville Road, for a performance trail created with the people living, working and seeking residence in the Roseville area of Leeds.

There will be romance, food, and stories you won’t have heard before – for the blue sky though, you may have to go to California.

Roseville is a strand of our ongoing exploration of the city through 365LeedsStories. The project was funded by Leeds inspired and Arts Council England and produced by A Quiet Word.

This performance walk ran from Monday 8 – Saturday 13 December 2014.

Video by Blessing Bolu Oyebanji

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